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When you use your health care services, there are some important things to know that could save you time and money, and keep you feeling your best. Here, you’ll learn about the best place to get care when you have a basic, urgent or emergency medical need. You’ll learn the best ways to prepare for your doctor’s appointment, and you can even get a personalized set of preventive care milestones with our Preventive Health Calendar. Let’s get started.

Getting Better Care

At Anthem, we know that the relationship between you and your doctor is vital. So we have doctors who take your care to the next level, who take the time to really listen, and who work with you as your partner towards better health. We also have specialized health and wellness programs to help you along. And the leading doctors and facilities in our Anthem family give you the exceptional care you deserve.

Why do I need travel medical insurance?

Not all medical insurance covers you when you travel outside the U.S. If you’re traveling abroad, you’ll want to know you have access to the same quality care you’re used to, from a partner that can ensure you get the treatment you need when you need it.

Most U.S. citizens or residents can buy a plan that suits their needs

You’ll have access to one of the world’s largest networks of doctors and hospitals

Getting assistance is quick and easy with our concierge service by phone or mobile app

You’re backed by an international healthcare leader with over 20 years’ experience

Engaging with Members

We engage and support members and their families to enhance their healthcare experience. Anthem is there at every step – as a passionate advocate and ally focused on understanding, providing support and taking action. We value each members’ strengths, preferences and long-term goals and help them get the most from their benefits, services and supports.

Promoting Healthy Families

Anthem is focused on achieving health and wellness for members and their families. We help them set goals based on what is important to them, building on their strengths and enhancing each person’s resiliency. We connect in meaningful ways by listening, respecting and engaging families to understand their culture, values, beliefs and lifestyles.

Building Community Relationships

Our work begins in the community. Across every state we serve and all of our programs, we partner with local community organizations to help members make healthy decisions and connect them to the resources they need. To address community priorities and specific health concerns, our partnerships include schools, advocacy groups, community- and faith-based organizations and local businesses. Because our employees live and work in the areas we serve, they are invested in improving the lives of our members and contributing to their communities.